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Sitemap | 2009 StuntDan Productions


Pyro Licence's                                                                   

  • California Basic Commercial
    License number: 1291-02
    Since 1991
  • Texas Special Effects License
    License number: SEO-0215
    Since 2001
  • Texas Pyrotechnic Operator
    License number: FPO-1261
    Since 2008
  • Commercial Drivers License 
    With Haz-Mat Endorsement

Fireworks Crew Experience                                            

Being part of the crew
is fun, exciting and counts
toward your own Pyro License

Pyro Crew Signup / Update Your Information

To be on the list or change your information please send and email to
 Be sure to give your phone number and email.

Crew Expectations _____________________________     


 Set Up Duties

Unloading and packing of equipment and product. Lots of hammering and handling of fireworks.  Placement and securing of the fringing racks; Shell preparation, match, squib, etc. Organization and Dropping of shells, taping and clearing of the muzzles, mapping and wiring of shells to the pyro board. 

Crew Expectations

  • Fireworks are dangerous a Safety First mentality is a must!
  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must be professional, attentive and respect the client's property and staff.
  • Follow directions and ask questions 
  • Must not be under the influence of any drug or alcohol 
  • No Smoking within 100 feet of product
  • No Personal Fireworks, illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Assistance in setting up and tearing down. 
  • Expect a 10-12 hour day 
  • Complete a Department of Justice questionnaire form
  • You will only do what your comfortable doing. 
  • Hot, Hot, Hot!!!    Fun Fun Fun!!! 
    Prepare for both!!!
  • May have to wear silly looking hats too...

What to Bring

Any special equipment is provided as well as food, workers compensation insurance, a T-Shirt and personalized ID card.  Funny ID picture must be provided in advance of the show.

  • Extra Water/Gatorade Special food requirements (Vegetarian, etc.)
  • Collapsible Chairs and tables
  • Hammer
  • Goggles
  • Flash light (extra  batteries)
  • Sun Block
  • Wire cutters
  • Gloves 
  • Sturdy shoes or boots (No open toe shoes) 
  • Jacket or long sleeve shirt (100% cotton or Nomex) Shorts and long pants (100% cotton or Nomex)
  • Collapsible tent for shade
  • A safe, fun and positive attitude!!!

Fire in the HOLE!!!

  • Crew members are required to be calm and  collective. Be alert and attentive to commands and cues 

  • Firing the show either manually or electronically Hand lighting set pieces 

  • Trouble shooting unforeseen problems, Security, Dud search after the show

  • You will only be asked to do what you are comfortable doing and you will be well supervised to assure safety.