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All Expected Stunts Including...

  • Jet Pack Pilot
  • Falls (30+ feet, many styles)
  • Burns (Full and Partial)
  • Precision Driving, Motorcycles, Cars, Boats
  • Rappelling
  • Basic Martial Arts
  • Belching

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Channing Tatum

Christmas Fire


DLP Comercial


Batman Jet Ski Stunts

Special Costumes


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Key Information               
Measurements - (in Inches)
Height 6'-1" 
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Waist 34 
Inseam 34
Chest 38
Coat 40
Neck 16
Shirt Large, 34 Arms
Shoes 10.5
Hat 23
Ring Size 10.5
Additional Skills

-Paramedic Nationally Certified Learn more

-Advanced SCUBA Diver - PADI

-Skydiver-Solo jumps only
  not A licensed yet
Unique Markings
Skin graft Scar - 85% of right thigh and buttock hidden with shorts

-2001 Yamaha, Road Star Silverado Motorcycle

StuntDan Fun Trivia
- Dan has never done drugs!
- More people have walked on the 
 moon than flew a .
 Dan is number 11.
Dan learned to ride the Unicycle in the 4th grade, even riding it to school. Dan later used it to help his balance training.