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(469) 223 6888

Resume:  iActor 


Contact Info                       

Phone:    (469) 223 6888
Resume:  iActor

Casting Directors                       

Introducing Rocketman Dan Schlund for all your 
Jet Pack Needs!

There are hundreds of Stuntmen and thousands of Actors in the Screen Actors Guild but only one who can fly!

Although mostly seen in live shows around the world, the demand is growing for this service in movies, commercials and TV.  Unfortunately, most producers don't know where to look.  

That is where you come in...

Rocketman Flight Facts                       

  • It is less expensive to fly a real Jet Pack than to re-create one in CGI.
  • No need to rent a crane or build an expensive replica.
  • Quick turn around time between takes.
  • No special FAA permits required.
  • Small crew of only two men required.
  • Can be performed in close proximity to other actors and in-studio.
  • We can double just about anyone including Santa Claus.


About Dan Schlund                       

Dan is not simply just The Rocketman!  Besides being a SAG member for over a decade, Dan is a licensed pyrotechnician, motivational speaker and advanced scuba diver and medic.

Dan has established himself as an accomplished stunt player capable of performing all expected stunts as well as acting. 

That means there is no need to hire both an actor and stunt double when you can have an "all-in-one" 
Jet Pack Stunt!

Dan is an ideal host for any show requiring an uplifting and entertaining personality.