Experience zero gravity the only way possible without going to space. Parabolic flight is the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts for the last 45 years and the same way Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13.  Visit www.gozerog.com 

The morning briefing explains everything you will need to know.  You are issued a flight suit, name tag.  Later you are given a framed picture, DVD video and pictures of your flight.  All included in the price.

The first Parabola simulates Martian Gravity (1/3 Earth) Parabola 2 and 3 simulate Lunar Gravity (1/6 Earth).  Now we know what Buzz Aldren and the other astronauts experienced on the moon.  The remaining 12 Parabolas are Zero G.  Floating and experiencing what astronauts  in space experience.

Video coming soon!



G-FORCE ONE is a Boeing 727-200.  It was originally a cargo plan which was outfitted for Zero G with padding and handholds for up to 30 people.  There are no windows and no bathrooms.  Can you imagine the effects of Zero Gravity has on a water toilet?



The passengers are separated in three groups.  Dan was in the Gold Group along with the first Arabic woman to go Zero G, Matt Harding, Kevan Patriquin and the founder of EarthLink.


We experienced Martian and Lunar gravity.  Experienced what water does in weightlessness and tried to catch floating M&M's.  In total passengers got to  spend 6 minutes in weightlessness.

Matt Harding from the website www.wherethehellismatt.com Matt travels the world dancing in front of famous landmarks.  It is stated on the website that "Matt dances very badly, but most people don't seem to mind."  Matt was is very friendly and gets to travel just about as much as the Dan does.


At the end of the flight the Flight director shakes your hand and turns your nametag right-side-up.  This is the ceremonial graduation of your first Zero G flight.